Essential Travel Information for Seychelles

Entry Requirements

All visitors require a valid passport. On arrival, visitors are granted a Visitors’ Visa valid for one month provided they have an onward or return ticket, valid travel documents and can produce evidence of acceptability at their next port of entry. Visitors are also required to produce proof that they have suitable accommodation (your Booking Confirmation for example) and funds for the duration of their stay. A Temporary Visa requirement is in place for the nationals of the countries listed and travellers who have visited listed countries within 28 days click here


The official currency of the Seychelles is known as the "Seychelles Rupee" (SCR). It is divided into 100 cents and is issued in the following denominations. Notes: SCR 500, SCR 100, SCR 50, SCR 25 and SCR 10. Coins: SCR 5, SCR 1, 25 cents, 10 cents and 5 cents.

Visitors may choose to make payments by foreign currency or Seychelles Rupees for any services or products purchased. Average exchange rates for the previous day are published daily in the local newspaper Seychelles Nation. Daily exchange rates are available at the Banks. Bureau de Change rates vary.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards Visa and MasterCard are most widely accepted at hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and boutiques. Some may also accept American Express.

Banks & Bureau de Change

Banks are situated in Victoria, Anse Royale, Beau Vallon (ATM facilities only) and at the Airport on Mahé, Grand Anse on Praslin as well as La Passe for La Digue. Opening hours vary from 08h30 to 14h00 – Monday to Friday and 08h30 to 11h00 – Saturdays. Bureau de Change located at the International Airport, and more recently several Bureau de Change agencies around Victoria and Beau Vallon on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. ATM facilities only do transactions in Seychelles Rupees. It is NOT possible to draw Euro, US Dollars or any other foreign currency from ATM machines.

It is advisable that you travel with some Euro/US Dollar cash as major credit cards (VISA & MASTERCARD) if accepted are for a transaction amount of minimum Euro 50 or equivalent in general.     

Time Zone difference

The Seychelles Archipelago is four hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Customs Regulations 

When entering the Seychelles, passengers 18 years’ of age and over are allowed the following duty-free allowance:

• 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco

• 2 litres of spirits and 2 litres of wine

• 200 ml of perfume or eau de toilette

Fruits, vegetables, seeds and meat products are considered as restricted goods and are prohibited from entering the islands. The value of food items brought into Seychelles by a passenger may not exceed SR 3000 unless the relevant import permits have been obtained in advance. We can assist with this service.

When leaving the Seychelles, the authorities restrict the export of the Coco de Mer (except with a valid permit), live shells, fish, tortoises, turtles and birds.


The Seychelles enjoy an all-year-round equatorial climate and are located outside the cyclone and hurricane belts Thus the climate is generally warm and humid throughout the year with temperatures seldom below 27 degrees or above 33 degrees centigrade. The weather is influenced by two main trade winds:

South East trade winds: June to September - the weather is usually breezy with the possibility of scattered showers. Nice and Cool.

North West trade winds: End of November to February - generally characterized by tropical showers with high temperatures.

Intermediate Season: March to May and October to November are dry with high temperatures.

NOTE: The sun is intense at all times and sun tan lotions with high protection factors are highly advisable.


Light clothing and swimwear for tropical conditions. Smart Casual evening wear is required for dining and entrance into casinos  with long trousers for men after 7pm. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for nature trails, horse riding and riding bicycles. Hats and sunglasses are also advisable.


If you are connecting straight out to one of the Islands by air from Mahé, it is advisable that you pack a smaller week-end bag for your stay as luggage restrictions apply - 20kg per person - on inter-island flights. 5kgs for Bird Island excursion stays. Your larger suitcases may be sent on a later flight when place available. Alternatively, there are paying locked Left Luggage facilities at the International Airport. Approx SR 100 per suitcase for 24 hours. Facility is open until last departing flight.


Creole, English and French are the official languages of the Seychelles and are widely spoken throughout the country.

Business Hours

Most businesses and shops operate between 0800 and 1600hrs, Monday to Friday, some open from 0800 to 1200hrs on Saturdays.

Postal Services

The Central Post Office in Victoria is open between 08h00 to 16h00 from Monday to Friday and 08h00 to 12h00 on Saturdays. Most hotels also provide a postal box.


The Seychelles are free from tropical diseases. No vaccinations are required however recommendations may vary depending on country of origin. If travelling through a country which is considered to be an infected area for yellow fever within a period of 6 days prior to your arrival in Seychelles, it is compulsory to provide a vaccination certificate. The tap water meets W.H.O. specifications and is safe to drink. It is recommendedBottled still mineral water is available. Being in the equatorial climate, you may occasionally encounter certain tropical insects that normally do not pose any hazard. It is recommended that you bring along insect repellent and bite cream.

Medical Services

Seychelles is recognized as being one of the best medically equipped country in the African region. The central Hospital is in Victoria; however, several smaller clinics are also available in other districts with the English River Clinic open 24/7, as well as on Praslin and La Digue. For emergency cases a doctor is available on a 24-hour basis at most hotels. The Emergency number for Ambulance, Fire or Police is 999, +248 4288 000 for the Police and +248 4388000 for hospital. It is recommended that you take out your own travel insurance (including medical treatment in Seychelles and repatriation costs).


The Islands are predominantly Roman Catholic, but the Church of England, the Islamic faith, the Bahai Faith, Hinduism and the Seventh Day Adventist are also represented. Churches are found in most districts on the larger islands. 

Public Transport

Bus services operate on Mahe and Praslin daily from 05h30 to 19h00. Timetable available at the reception of your hotel or guesthouse. Taxis operate on a 24-hour basis and are available at the Airports. 


Seychelles has an efficient telecommunications service with direct dialling to most countries. Cable & Wireless and Airtel operate a 24-hour link for worldwide communications and have several coin and phone card booths around the islands. Mobile phone (GSM) and Internet facilities are also available.  


The electric current is 220-240 volts AC 50 Hz. Seychelles uses the British standard three-pin 13 amp plug. Visitors from countries other than the United Kingdom should bring adaptors. 

Tax and Tipping

Restaurant and hotel bills normally include a Goods Service Tax of 10%. Although not expected, tips are warmly received for exceptional personal service. 


It is highly recommended to deposit any valuables and money in your hotel's safe keeping facility.

Public Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1 & 2

Labour Day – May 1

Liberation Day – June 5

Constitution Day – June 18

National Day – June 29

Good Friday March 25

Easter Sunday March 27

Corpus Christi May 26

Assumption of Mary (La Digue Festival) Aug 15

All Saints Day – November 1

Immaculate Conception – December 8

Christmas Day – December 25 





















There are many varieties of tropical flowers including the hibiscus.
There are many varieties of tropical flowers including the hibiscus.

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